Webschiffe, Kriegspfade / Talares, Senda Guerra / Loom Shuttles, Warpaths


  • Ines Doujak





Webschiffe, Kriegspfade/Telares, Senda Guerrera/LoomShuttles, Warpaths

Loom Shuttles, Warpaths is a two-year art research project based on a deliberately subjective collection of textiles from the Andes region. The collection encompasses textiles as varied as the aprons of market women from La Paz and the ritual ponchos of Amazonian shamans. The project evolved out of a long relationship with Latin American countries and a series of journeys that took me there. To this day, all aspects of life in this region are defined by textiles, always associated with symbolic, ideological, and practical applications. Loom Shuttles, Warpaths is also about inventing places beyond the dualities of the logos and mythos in Classical Platonism with which the history of modernism still confronts us. At the same time, it gives us an opportunity to learn from textiles as representatives of other knowledge and value systems. By means of this eccentric archive and indigenous knowledge resources, Loom Shuttles, Warpaths will identify connecting links to colonial structures around the world and describe connections between their past and present history.