WIDERREDE / WIEDERREDE. Eine Einführung zum Projekt „Mauern 2.0“ von Jana König, Elisabeth Steffen und Inga Turczyn


  • Nanna Heidenreich




Mauern 2.0 (2013) by Jana König, Elisabeth Steffen, and Inga Turczyn, is an updating and revisitation of the film Duvarlar/Mauern/Walls by Can Candan (2011), or in the words of its authors: a conflicted copy. In 1991, after the fall of the Wall, Candan conducted interviews among the Turkish community in Berlin, giving voice to some of those who had been silenced by Germany’s new nationalism and accounting for their experiences with the tremendous increase in racist violence. Ten years later, shortly before the series of NSU murders was uncovered, König/Steffen/Turczyn took up where Duvarlar left off, interviewing some of Candan’s protagonists again and also including the perspectives of migrants from East Berlin and antiracist activists. Mauern 2.0 investigates the conjunctures of racism, the contemporaneity of the past, and the eerie presence of a future.