Blasen zum Sprechen bringen. Zur Edition von Bettina van Haaren


  • Maike Christadler



In her linocut Blasenschieben (pushing bubbles) Bettina van Haaren succeeds in opening up a huge field of associations and visual puns that bring together metaphors of bodily interiors and confinements, of affects and communication. Her cut/line excises feelings of lust and abjection, of gravity and humour out of the blank page. Bettina van Haarens work represents in the image of the bubble the all encompassing fear of failure (to communicate, to express oneself, to live up to expectations) that is always also linked to fascination (for the alluring process of creating that results in overcoming your fears).

In art history's tradition and in the actual exposition policy „failure“ is quite a big issue. The promise that lies in it, is one of getting a new chance, of starting all over again. And not to get stuck within the ruins of a failure requires the energy of the promise that creativity is an instrument to take the distances from yourself, to become conscious – and so to overcome fear and failure.