Textil transportiert. Gülsün Karamustafas Courier als Verhandlungsort politischer Sichtbarkeit


  • Friederike Korfmacher




With Courier (1991) the Turkish artist Gülsün Karamustafa created a textile work of art, that gives the possibility of acknowledging visibility in the field of migration. The visibility of migration is a sensitive issue, induced by medial representation and the caused connotation of the other. In the field of art one chance of breaking with this handed down views is the use of textiles. The understanding of the material as a medium of memory, constitutes its function as a surrogate for the human body – approachable for a variety of viewers, due to their own experience of the material. Through this mechanism, the visualization of migrants without explicit representation of bodies opens the possibility of identification and thus appreciation. On this basis, Karamustafa’s work further develops the image of an active individual, appropriating the subversive historico-cultural technique of stitching. A crucial strength of the artwork develops from its immanent oscillation between historical depth and associative openness in the present.