Mit pinkem Tüll gestickt. Das Projekt Solange von Katharina Cibulka


  • Meike Kröncke



Embroidery seen as feminine handicraft and housework seems to be out of date. Since the 1990s an opposing trend is obviously true for contemporary art, where embroidery celebrates a convincing revival in performance art and public art practice. In particular women artists experiment with new materials and techniques to explore the art of stitching as critical strategy. Working outside the gallery and occupying public space, these artists confront the viewer with a counter-practice of textile intervention. But how to describe the subversive potential of these works appropriating a traditional needlework? I will focus my discussion on the project SOLANGE by Katharina Cibulka to discuss the aesthetic, spatial and discursive strategies that inform her art practice as feminist practice. Additionally, I refer to recent transformations in the political discourse of feminist art, including the concept of collectivity in contemporary art